9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Play Golf9 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Play Golf

Strange as it may sound, golf can be the perfect game for everyone. While it is surely one of the most popular ones worldwide, second only to soccer, it should become an option for kids and grownups for health and a variety of reasons. The best part about this game is that anyone can play it, regardless of his ability, skill levels, age, or hitting distance.

Top Reasons To Start Playing Golf:

  1. Regular exercise: The biggest reason of course to start playing any sport, golf or otherwise, is to get a good exercise. A normal golf round is likely to last around 5 hours during which you are either on your feet or walking on the course. A golf course, on an average, will be 6000 yards and this guarantees you an excellent workout.
  2. Enjoy outdoors: One of the best reasons to play golf is because you get to stay outdoors; this means getting a lot of sun and fresh air to breathe. This can have both positive physical and mental health benefits like better sleep patterns, reduced depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and promotes creative thinking.
  3. Appeals to all age-groups: Unlike other sports that have specific age-limits or are physically demanding, golf is something that can be played by the elderly and youngsters alike. All you need is to develop an interest in it and you can continue to play it even when you grow older.
  4. Quality time with family: Golf is one game that you can get almost everyone in the family to play. This can be the perfect way to bond with family members and enjoy perfect golfing weather outdoors. Whether young or old, you will find family members enthused at the idea of spending a Sunday playing together and enjoying a sumptuous lunch afterwards.
  5. Great for networking: Did you know that many business deals get made on the golf course? The truth is golf gives you an opportunity to make new friends and establish business liaisons; a round with new golfers can give you the perfect chance to get to know them better and strike up a new friendship.
  6. Challenging yourself: This is one sport where you play against the course and weather, not against an individual. It is personal because you play against yourself most of the time; you learn from your own mistakes and keep working on your game.
  7. Boosts concentration: Without proper focus and concentration you cannot excel at any sport or activity, and golf helps you achieve just that. During the round, you must stay focused at all times if you are to have a good score and continuously practicing this for hours on the course helps to improve your overall concentration level. A good sportsman might lose focus occasionally. When it comes to dealing with their business, such as trading, continual concentration is required. Trading is a continuous process, and the ability to stay focused until all of the components align into a straight line is essential. The availability of the best broker to day trade crypto has alleviated the concerns of traders who want to spend their time golfing, improving their concentration and relaxing.
  8. Character building: The biggest challenge in golf is being honest with yourself and maintaining a calm attitude. A missed putt or an accidental shot in the bunker can make you jittery; the trick is to stay calm and focused and keep playing the game as well as you can to improve your score in the next few holes. This is a life lesson that will stand you in good stead throughout your life and help you face adversities and challenges strongly.
  9. Relaxation: If you are looking for a sport that can help you unwind, golf will do it for you. It can be a huge stress-buster if you are feeling burdened with workplace deadlines or personal problems. When your mental health is improved, your physical health will automatically become better.